Our Family

Our Family Founded in 1946, Ideal Brilliant has grown to become one of the most established and respected diamond companies in the United States. With three generations working together, we are a family business that has built a solid reputation through exceptional relationships. Our extremely high standards for service, quality and value have become a proud tradition which we continuously strive to uphold.

Our Diamonds

Our Family Our quality standards are among the highest of all diamond dealers. Ranging all shapes and sizes from .70CT- 20CT, we carry an enormous collection of the world's finest cut diamonds. Our database of diamonds includes thousands of choices, allowing you to determine the exact characteristics of your diamond including cut, clarity, color, carat weight (size) and price range. Each of the diamonds you choose will be the best possible diamond within the parameters you set.

Our Pledge

Our Family Ideal Brilliants commitment to each client's satisfaction has become the trademark of our business throughout the generations. Our company is built on a unique idea: finding the right diamonds doesn't have to be complicated. Making the right choice can be easy. Working with Ideal Brilliant, our customers always receive fast and efficient personal service that guarantees to help you find the diamond that you need as soon as you need it.